Travel Hats for Women

People think of all kinds of ways to fight against the hot summer, such as applying sunscreen, wearing sun-protective clothes and using sun umbrellas. Exactly, these things can protect you from the sun to some extent, while they cannot fully protect your face, head and neck from getting sunburned. A sun hat gives you extra sun protection for your face, ears and neck. It is the best accessory for your travel. Especially for women who like to take self-portraits when traveling. A travel hat as a decorative item can add some special vibe to their outfits.

You will make up and wear beautiful clothes, but don’t forget to wear a stylish sun hat. Here we have some recommendations of the best women’s travel hats so you can keep yourself looking as good as possible.

  • Floppy Hat

You would like to go to beaches to bath in the sunshine and enjoy the sea breeze. Well, the sun is really bright, so you must do good sun protection for yourself. When you play on the beach, large area of your skin will definitely expose to the sun, your body may get sunburned in a short while. Therefore, this floppy hat may satisfy your needs for a beach hat. It will make you look elegant and also give you all-round protection. You can just pair this floppy hat with your denim jumpsuit or crop top. The hat is very suitable for beach wear.

  • Bucket Hat

Bucket hat is popular among young people for several years. They are not only worn in summer but also can be worn in cold climate. If you don’t like a wide-brimmed sun hat, you can choose a bucket hat for travel. Most of bucket hats are made of durable materials which you can wear for your whole lifetime. Plus, they are packable and foldable which means you can pack them into your handbag or suitcase without damaging their shape. Women’s bucket hat is made from light and breathable fabric that won’t make your head sweat and will keep you cool all day long. This white bucket hat is made of cotton which is durable and packable. It has a wide brim that can protect your face, ears and neck from the sun. It is portable and easy to be packed.

  • Straw Hat

A straw hat has very good breathability to wick moisture away from your head and to keep your head cool. Straw hats can be worn by both men and women, but they may vary in shapes, style and colors. Women prefer to wear a straw hat to go to beaches. There is a ribbon comes with a bow around the crown of the hat. The hat is made of a braided straw fabric and it is crushable so that you can stuff it in your handbag and it won’t be damaged. The inside of the straw hat also has a sweatband to ensure the hat fits your head and make you comfortable.

There are many kinds of hats for you to choose. Well, it depends on your preference and requirements for a hat.

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